Note* Saad K’idilyé is a Diné language medium nest that works with prenatal families, infants, and newborns. Infants and newborns are immersed in over 1000 hours of Diné language per year to address language sustainability and culture revitalization.

How do I enroll my family in the Saad K’idilyé Family Program?

If you are a prenatal family or a family with an infant 1-3 months, the first step is to fill out our Family Recruitment Form located on our website. Next, a Saad K’idilyé program information session will be scheduled. Step three, via zoom, more information on SK and the commitments and requirements to participate will be further detailed. Step 4, SK notifies family if they meet requirements and are suitable to enter the SK program. Step 5, Enrollment and onboarding process begin.

My partner is non-native can we still sign up for your program?

Yes they can as long as they support the family and programs mission. Parents must participate in program requirements to ensure Saad K’idilyé’s mission goals.

My child is 14 months old, can they still enroll in your language nest?

Our cut off enrollment age is at 3 months.

How much does it cost to enroll my child at Saad K’idilye?

Currently, there is no tuition at SK. In the fall of 2024, SK will be implementing tuition. We strongly suggest families apply for child care assistance to see if they qualify to support with tuition costs. 

What are SK expectations and commitments?

We want families to make a long term commitment in learning the language and culture. Families are required to take 100 hours of language classes & instruction per year. Families are required to attend monthly meetings and complete required trainings. Families are required to participate in program activities, workshops, trainings, and seminars. Addtionally, having a postive attitude, a positive behavior, and being an active participant in the community building process is required.