Family programs

Family Programs are offered to our SK families in order for them to practice and instill cultural teachings to their young ones. Language Classes, Community Gardens, SK Language Nest, and various workshops assist in our teachings and further educate SK Families on traditional Diné cultural practices. These teachings come in different forms but aim to provide fundamental teachings for families to continue using throughout their lives.

Language Classes

Our Diné Language Program is a weekly Diné Bizaad (Navajo Language) Class that encompasses basic and intermediate fundamentals of speaking Diné. Saad K’idilyé families are required to attend classes and practice Diné Bizaad in the home and around their family. The ability to speak Diné ensures future speakers cultural connection and growth while also supporting SK’s mission in sustaining our Diné language.

Families in our program are expected to attend 100 hours of Diné language classes per year. A language support kit including resources such as books, flashcards, games, posters, and more are provided to families to use for practice. 

Corn Field / Community garden

Indigenous food sovereignty is a larger movement recognizing the importance of food as medicine. Diné cultural teachings are largely guided by the planting, growing, and harvesting of corn. To support the application of this knowledge, we have made available a gardening lot at our Diné Language Nest. Families and local community members are welcome to participate and experience a hands on cultural connection with the land. In addition to our on-site garden, we lead small-group foraging and collection lessons for specific items such as juniper, Navajo tea and ash. 

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Language Nest

SK is a Diné language nest that works with prenatal families, newborns, and toddlers. Infants and newborns are immersed in the Diné language (1000 hours) to address language sustainability and culture revitalization. Children at the nest are spoken in their traditional language throughout the day and are taught basic commands and responses.

Saad K’idilyé’s language nest opened it’s doors on August 15, 2022 and has been growing in numbers. In August of 2023, we opened our 2-4 year old classrooms. 


SK provides liguistically and appropriate workshops, presentations, and hands on experiences in regards of language, culture development and teachings/support.

Some of the support services SK provides include: moccasin making classes, horse program, cradle board building, traditional parenting workshops, Traditional Child Development and Rearing (TCDR) training, cornfield based activities, corn harvesting, kneel down bread making, shoe games, weekly veggie bags, sweat lodges, and culture nights.

Activities vary from season to season.