Since the beginning of time, Diné people have been guided by the stories and traditions given to us by the Holy People and passed down by our elders in Diné Bizaad  (the Navajo language). An understanding of Diné Bizaad is critical to passing down our cultural stories and traditions but access is limited for most urban Diné families. 

The wisdom contained within these stories is entirely applicable in today’s modern world and within urban environments. However, the ongoing legacy of attempted genocide and cultural suppression has deliberately separated Diné families from learning our traditions and using our language in daily life.

Starting August 1st, 2022, the Saad K’idilyé Diné Language Nest (SKDLN) will be a central urban hub where Saad K’idilyé meets with families, babies, caretakers, and its community. A language nest is a community site-based language program for children from birth to three years old where they are immersed in their Native (heritage) language. SKDLN is a safe, home-like environment for young children to interact with Diné Bizaad speakers, often elders, through meaningful activities.

Our goal is to support families who wish that their child’s first language be Diné Bizaad sustaining an environment to nurture their holistic wellbeing and balance. The language nest is the foundation for a more robust urban Diné community. Community Members will be supported to utilize Diné Bizaad in many different areas of their everyday lives.